Suns Most Expensive December Secondary Market Tickets Against NBA’s Biggest Names

The Phoenix Suns had lost four straight games before winning their November finale against the Toronto Raptors, a 107-102 victory spearheaded by Eric Bledsoe’s 20 points and 11 assists.

It was the first of a six-game road trip for the Suns, who begin their December schedule on Tuesday night against the Brooklyn Nets. Four of the final five games on the road trip are against Eastern Conference opponents, including the aforementioned Nets, Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls, with the Memphis Grizzlies thrown in between.

Below, with secondary market ticket information provided by, are the most and least expensive Suns tickets for final month of the calendar year.

12/28/2015 | Phoenix Suns vs. Cleveland Cavaliers | US Airways Center | Average Price: $285.18 | Get-in Price: $66

12/16/2015 | Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns | Oracle Arena | Average Price: $251.49 | Get-in Price: $80

12/31/2015 | Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Phoenix Suns | Chesapeake Energy Arena | Average Price: $239.38 | Get-in Price: $38

12/2/2015 | Detroit Pistons vs. Phoenix Suns | Palace of Auburn Hills | Average Price: $37 | Get-in Price: $4

The Suns’ most expensive games of the month involve the cream of the crop of the NBA and some of the league’s top superstars including Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and more. The most expensive is on December 28th against the Cleveland Cavaliers with an average ticket price of $285.18 and a get-in price of $66 for entrance into US Airways Center.

Will the Warriors’ streak still be intact by December 16th? If so, the Suns will have a chance to end it at Oracle Arena with an average ticket price of just over $250 and a get-in price of $80. The Suns also take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on New Year’s Eve at Chesapeake Energy Arena with an average ticket price of $239.38 and a get-in price of $38.

On the cheaper side, the average ticket price on December 2nd against the Detroit Pistons is their cheapest game of the month, with an average ticket price of $37 and a get-in price of only $4 for entrance into the Palace of Auburn Hills. The diehard Suns faithful may be better off booking a Detroit flight through to catch them on the road as opposed to seeing one of the three top matches for December.