eric bledsoe

Climbing the Ladder to the Playoffs

The Suns have regularly been in the news lately, even though they have been very quiet during all offseason. The only real move that Phoenix have made is by signing Alan Williams once again to a $17 million deal for three years, while only one season is fully guaranteed. The roster of the team is currently full with youngsters, and it’s just what you would have expected at this point of time while they are trying to re-build themselves.

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Ryan McDonough is set to take the long road towards achieving his goals towards the championship, and has already started to put his plan into motion after he received an extension up to 2020. During his initial run, he tried to make a contender on Eric Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas, and Goran Dragic.

During the press conference of James Jones a couple of months ago, Robert Sarver, the majority owner of the Phoenix Suns admitted that he has done the blunder of trying to hastily go through the process, while being led by Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash. Following the departure of Kevin Durant and LeBron James from their original team, new CBA regulations have been set in place. This provides more incentive to the franchises so that they can concentrate on the draft and create their own talent. Today, most teams have their players under their control for mostly the first two contracts, and this can be up to seven seasons, and then the players are free to choose their team.

All the levels of the team look fully set to stay committed to the actual plan of McDonough for the Sun to reach on top of the playoffs once again. What they are trying to do and what they believe they are on the right part of achieving requires a lot of patience. With young players, it’s not easy to win in the league. However, Robert have plans to build a championship team, and it will certainly be a tough one to achieve, where there is no set way to do make it happen. At the end of the day, the team requires great players in peak condition playing together and well.

But it does not all depend on the players, there are many other factors engaged too. Lot of health, great role models, excellent coaching and lot of luck is needed as well. What Robert is trying to do is to bring in players primarily through the draft, and make them progress together to have a growing core team. Except if Cleveland drastically lowers their demand for Kyrie Irving, the Suns will continue to remain in the past trend of staying in their shadows of becoming visible nationally.