Ticket preview for Bulls vs Suns

The Phoenix Suns return to NBA action on Saturday, February 21st on the road at the Chicago Bulls, but are moving forward without two of their trio of guards. Right before the trade deadline, the Suns traded Gordan Dragic to the Miami Heat, Isaiah Thomas to the Celtics and acquired Brandon Knight from the Milwaukee Bucks.

Dragic was averaging 16.2 points per game with 4.1 assists and 3.6 rebounds this season after enjoying a career year last season. Earlier this week, Dragic expressed his frustrations with management about the direction of the team and had requested for a trade. He got his wish, and the Suns were thought to continue forward with Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas as their primary guards for the rest of the season.

But Thomas was involved in a flurry of deals that had him land in Boston. As for the good news, the Suns are getting a terrific guard in Knight, who is averaging 17.8 points per game with 5.4 assists and 4.3 rebounds, which is by far the best averages the third-year guard has put up. The Suns lost five of their last six before the All-Star break, but doesn’t get to eased into returning to action as they face the Eastern Conference Central division leaders, the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls (34-20) are winners of four straight and are ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the division standings by one and a half games. The Suns currently own the eighth and final spot in the playoff picture, leading the Oklahoma City Thunder by a half game.

According to TiqIQ.com, there are fewer than 1,300 Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix tickets remaining for Saturday night’s contest. The average ticket price is $211.95 and the walk-in price is $64. For fans in the Chicago area and looking to attend the game, ParkWhiz.com has all your deals and reservations for parking in Chicago for Saturday night’s game, typically ranging from $9-25.

It’s an interesting time to follow the Suns, as the team that is fourth in the NBA in scoring just lost two significant puzzle pieces, but there’s a lot to be excited about with Knight. Bledsoe and Knight will have to develop a chemistry rather quickly, as the NBA playoffs are just around the corner. The Suns have the Thunder nipping at their heels for that last playoff spot.