Suns Draft Memory Lane – 1989 – Who Dat?!


They say you can’t know the future if you don’t know the past.  Or something.  And who exactly “they” are I can’t tell you.  But I needed an intro to this feature, and that’s the best I’m going to do.

With the 2015 edition of the NBA Draft fast approaching, let’s take a look back at the Phoenix Suns draft history (lottery era only).  Maybe it’ll give us some insight into what they might do in this year’s draft.  But probably not.  Whatever.


Phoenix Suns 1989 NBA Draft Haul

First Round:

Anthony Cook (#24)

Who dat?  Beats me – don’t remember his brief career.  And, besides, the Suns traded him before he even suited up in the purple and orange.  And the haul they got for him – Kenny Battle and Micheal Williams.  For a team always in search for a big man, Vlade Divac would have been a nice pickup.


Could have had: Vlade Divac (26), Clifford Robinson (36)


Rest of Draft:

Ricky Blanton (2, 46)
Mike Morrison (2, 51)
Greg Grant (2, 52)

Could have had: Haywoode Workman (49)
Not much doing in the second round for Phoenix, either.  But, in fairness, not much on the board either when they picked.



Overall Suns Draft Grade: F




Previous Years:



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